Editor: Darren Lingley
First published: December 2022
Frequency: Annual
ISSN: 2758-5700


The TEFL Praxis Journal seeks innovative, theoretically grounded research reports directly related to TEFL practice that are of immediate relevance to teachers working in EFL contexts. We also welcome theoretically driven perspectives about the role of praxis in language teaching research, as well as other scholarly perspectives on current issues related to TEFL. The Editorial Board is particularly interested in publishing qualitative studies dedicated to the following:

  • Classroom-based TEFL research
  • Best practice pedagogical approaches/rationales
  • Researcher-practitioner collaboration in TEFL
  • Exploratory practice
  • Action research
  • Interpretive research
  • Technology in TEFL classrooms

Vol. 1: December 2022.

Vol. 2: We are now accepting accepting submissions for Volume 2 of the TEFL Praxis Journal. Refer to our submissions guidelines for more information.